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Smith Jawan

Biografía about like that's good cuz it ain't me if it's someone because of this looks so much more that comes not competition it's a competition there will always be someone pretty high with us for chopping always yeah besides so there's a present yeah pass so dating you is an upgrade yeah

I mean she can be pretty like me she's the fast so much Oh to go in there and you I don't fall no and stalk the chink what at night we said he's on his artikel happy yeah girl it's just become an LEP china filter cuz squeeze you never know might be ugly on the inside also when he fights over

you with another guy at the club Chelsea jealousy and how dare you embarrass me in front of everyone like this please roll up legs and fight for me boy fight wait that's me potaka o Bunnicula home Jimmy noona noona Shah Baba Allah is very much who are you know sometimes we are the club come

people will hit on women they'll hit on me yeah but I think laughs but should not be closed and in those lines across then you definitely need to defend you're fighting like physically fighting like chop I like she like talk to him or like me let him let him know very unhealthy cause you might end up

in the police station and it's in someone come on no they are losing you then all of a sudden you're dropping soap and it's a whole other relationship with me jail like I have a question so if you're in a club and this guy randomly heats on your ass like I just can't stops your ass and stuff like

that maybe that so that's one thing like it's it's it's okay right if he fights like or someone like touches you yeah do my job so missus cuz I'm ready to go yeah me too me too me too man I said what I said no favor me like I'll do it myself come on seriously then you can't come in you know