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In addition, they got a really cool moringa tree.
I know that a lot of you guys know about moringa already, and most people know about the standard
moringa oleifera but this is a different variety of moringa, and it’s my favorite one that
I’ve ever found so far.
So we’re going to look at that as well.

Then down below their fruit trees, you’ll see like it’s literally an aloe garden.
Yes, aloe is a succulent, but it’s an edible succulent, and this is a very special aloe,
so be sure to stay tuned for the segment at the end of this clip where we talk about the
This family really loves their aloe.

It’s apparent that pretty much three-quarters of their yard is taken up in aloe, and they
have aloe baby pups growing at every corner.
So first let’s go ahead and head to the back yard and share with you guys actually
what’s growing back there.
All right, so now we’re in the back yard.

This place is not quite a jungle, but they have plenty of fruit trees in the back, as
you guys can see behind me.
There’s a nice starfruit tree.
If you do live in south Florida, that’s one tree you probably want to get.
It puts on multiple crops a year.

Many fruit trees might just like make apples, you know, one month, and that’s it for the
whole year!
But starfruit can produce two, maybe three times a year.
Before you buy a starfruit, you want to make sure you get a good variety because there
are some varieties that are really good and sweet, and some varieties aren’t so good,
so make sure you get a named cultivar.